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Welcome to UBC Degree Navigator

Track the progress of your degree!


What does Degree Navigator do?
Degree Navigator is a tool to see how the courses you have taken apply to your program (For a list of programs available click here).

Does Degree Navigator do official graduation checks?
Yes. If you meet all the requirements for graduation, your report will show green check marks (a). Your faculty advisor relies on the same report to confirm your eligibility for graduation. All courses in progress must be completed to meet requirements.
Note: Official transcripts of your academic record can be ordered through the Student Service Centre.

*Faculty of Arts Students* - BA students registered in a Double Major or a Major/Minor are required to complete a minimum of 24 credits outside of their major and minor subject area(s) to graduate. BA Double Major students are required to have a minimum of 60 credits at the upper-level (300/400 level courses). Students should be aware of restrictions on double counting credit, both for the BA and the BFA.

*Faculty of Science Students* - Science uses Degree Navigator for your first specialization. For a minor or double major, refer to the courses listed in your application. For Integrated Science, Biotechnology, Forensic Science and the Bachelor of Computer Science (BCS), please visit Science Advising for a manual graduation check. More details on Degree Navigator for Science students can be found on the Science Website.

*Kinesiology Students*- Degree Navigator does not currently work for Kinesiology degree programs. Please contact the KIN Undergraduate Advising office for assistance with degree planning

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